Operation Coastal Watch


Operation Coastal Watch


The New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office along with the U.S. Marshals, N.C Department of Public Safety, and the Wilmington Police Department conducted Operation Coastal Watch this past week.  The goal of the operation was to check the validity of all sex offender addresses and serve any high priority warrants.  By the end of the operation Thursday, authorities had visited the homes of 244 registered sex offenders, arrested 47 fugitives and seized heroin, marijuana, and two firearms with ammunition.  Additional arrests are possible as a result of on-going investigations generated during this operation.  “Thanks to the collaboration amongst all of the agencies involved, this operation was a success,” stated Sheriff Edward J. McMahon.


SUBJECT                                                                  OFFENCE(S)

  1. Terrance Cook                                              Robbery/Cbyerstalking
  2. Franklin Bryant Jr.                                       Assault on Female
  3. Toni Banks                                                    Cyberstalking
  4. Samuel Limberry                                         FTA: Traffic
  5. Titus Singleton                                             Assault Female
  6. Michelle Holiday                                          Probation Violation
  7. Marlie Baker                                                  Probation Violation
  8. Yolanda Dowe                                             Larceny
  9. Kali Boalt-Brittain                                         Forgery

10. Nicole Romero                                             Armed Robbery

11. Ronald Perry                                                            Armed Robbery

12. Lonnie Hollis                                                            Assault Female

13. Ricky Rawls                                                  Assault Female

14. Andre Tyson                                                 Unauthorized Use Vehicle

15. Teresa Powell aka Johnson                      Trespass/Communicate Threats

16. Shanell Johnson                                         Felony Probation/ Felony Cocaine

17. Ozzie Genwright                                          Marijuana

18. Johntae Bailey                                             Theft

19. Byron Little                                                    Forgery

20. Gregory McDonald                                      Hit/Run/Flee the Scene

21. Marc Selvitelle                                              Worthless Checks

22. Loconya Moses                                            Stalking/Communicating Threats

23. Dalton Rowe                                                 Marijuana

24. Steven Hudson Jr.                                       Larceny/Heroin

25. Octavia Bryant                                              Probation Violation

26. Yolander McFadden                                   FTA-Threats

27. Zachery Johnson                                        Heroin

28. Joshua Stowell                                            Larceny

29. Geno Grady                                                  Probation Violation

30. Andre Addison                                             Sex Offender-Fail to Change Address

31. Ebony            Harrington                                         Domestic Violence

32. Fatima Robinson                                         Fail return Rental Property

33. Lynnette Johnson                                       Fail return Rental Property

34. Lauralee Stennes                                        Marijuana X 3

35. Stephen Flynn                                             Hit and Run

36. Carl Scott                                                       Probation Violation

37. Jonathan Spearman                                   Theft

38. Detrick Daye                                                 Probation Violation

39. William Keller                                               Probation Violation

40. Stephen Flynn                                             Hit and Run

41. Demonte Moseley                                       Assault Female

42. Angela Powell                                              Assault

43. Joshua Skinner                                           Probation Violation

44. Jamar Sterling                                              Heroin

45. Adam Love                                                    B&E

46. Ronald Long                                                 Theft

47. Christopher Camy                                       Parole Violation




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