Deputy Receives Gallery of Excellence Award

NEW HANOVER – Deputy Burnett exceeded established expectations for his position and made a significant difference in the outcome of a customer’s situation.  Deputy Burnett was the first to arrive on the scene of a cardiac arrest call.  He observed ineffective CPR being performed and took over care of the patient who was unconscious with no signs of breathing or pulse. After EMS and Fire Services arrived, Deputy Burnett remained at the patient’s side and assisted by continuing to perform repeated cycles of CPR.  His commitment to the well-being of the citizen demonstrated that he was not only present in his role as Deputy, but that he was there to be part of the life saving team.

Deputy Burnett took personal responsibility for meeting the citizen’s needs in an extraordinary way. The actions of Deputy Burnett, including his quick response to initiate CPR, as well as his concern and dedication, played a vital role in saving the life of the citizen. In addition to being recognized in the Gallery of Excellence, Matt has been awarded the RISE to Excellence Award for his particularly noteworthy contributions. This nomination was submitted by Chief Deputy R.L. Smith.

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