Emergency Update

County offices and facilities are closed on Saturday, January 22.

Road conditions in the county remain icy, especially on bridges and overpasses, so residents are encouraged to stay home and off roads at this time. Visit EmergencyNHC.com for more information.

Professionalism, Responsibility, Accountability and Integrity

Mission Statement

To serve and protect the citizens of New Hanover County with integrity and enforce the laws of North Carolina and the United States of America.


Goals, Objectives & Outcomes


Goal #1:  Lower Part I crimes for a safer community.


  1. Reduction in Part I crimes by the use of intelligence-based predictive policing
  2. Reduction in Part I crimes through information sharing/relationships with other law enforcement agencies in an effort to successfully identify and prosecute perpetrators of crimes
  3. Reduction in Part I crimes by continued efforts in building relationships within our community with an emphasis on crime prevention and education


Goal #2:  To hold ourselves to the highest standards of Professionalism, Responsibility, Accountability, and Integrity.


  1. In addition to mandatory in-service training, supervisors will complete additional hours of supervisory training with an emphasis on leadership and management skills
  2. Enhanced efforts in community relations by increasing the number of community outreach contacts and/or volunteer opportunities from the previous calendar year
  3. Provide training opportunities, mentorships, and succession planning for deputies and detention officers desiring to further their careers and personal growth


Goal #3:  Promote professional growth within the Sheriff’s Office.


  1. Identify and implement growth within the Sheriff’s Office through technological advancements to better enhance our capabilities
  2. Promote growth and professionalism within the Sheriff’s Office through best practices and peer review in the form of attaining and maintaining accreditation’s
  3. Reduce inmate recidivism by continuing and enhancing the personal growth of those housed within the Detention Facility by providing assistance in education, healthcare, and community re-entry


Goal #4:  To ensure and enhance a safe learning environment for our schools.


  1. To facilitate the constant presence of School Resource Officers in the public schools
  2. To facilitate and educate the training to all staff and students for active shooter response
  3. To educate and raise awareness of gang and drug activity through continued outreach programs
  4. To continue to educate students and staff on their personal safety


Goal #5:  To ensure and enhance proper animal care within our county.


  1. To increase the number of animal adoptions
  2. To increase the number of rabies vaccinations
  3. To reduce animal law related violations through enforcement and education


  1. Increase relationships with the community to build trust and improve quality of life
  2. Maintain an open and professional organization of trust with the community
  3. Develop strategies to recruit and retain high-quality employees, enhance employee satisfaction, and staff development
  4. Identify technology based investigative tools to improve case closure rates
  5. Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our delivery of police services by expanding the use of technology
  6. Increase professional development programs for rank & file employees
Sheriff's Office: 3950 Juvenile Center Road • Castle Hayne, NC 28429 • Phone 910-798-4200 • Fax 910-798-4212
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