2016 Goals and Objectives

Mission Statement

To serve and protect the citizens of New Hanover County with integrity and enforce the laws of North Carolina and the United States of America.


Uniform Patrol Division

  1. Actively work to improve community relations.
  2. Implement initiatives to improve officer wellness.
  3. Implement Narcan program.
  4. Implement body camera program to enhance accountability to the office and the public.
  5. Implement a Mobile Field Force to respond to incidents of civil disturbance.

Detention Division

  1. Implement a mentor program to assist in developing career management paths for personnel.

Detective Division

  1. Facilitate Comparative Statistics (COMPSTAT) to take on an agency approach to reducing crime through analytical study and discussion.
  2. Expand the physical facilities which house the Crime Scene Investigation Unit.
  3. Be an advocate for the citizens of New Hanover County that are victims of a crime through the criminal justice system.

Vice/Narcotics Division

  1. Implement Intelligence Unit to assist with agency investigations.

Support Services Division

  1. Assume responsibility for the Logistics function from the Uniform Patrol Division.
  2. Implement Master Deputy incentive program.
  3. Implement a choir element to the Honor Guard Unit.
  4. Offer an enhanced remedial training program for firearms.
  5. Implement a Training Committee represented by all NHCSO Divisions.

Judicial Services Division

  1. Update the judicial facilities security camera system.

Other Agency Goals and Objectives

  1. Implement the new 2015 state standards for the North Carolina Police Officer Physical Abilities Test (POPAT).
  2. Conduct an agency wide promotional process for the rank of Lieutenant.
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