What happens to animals that Animal Services Unit (ASU) picks up?

Animals surrendered at the shelter or picked up in the field as strays are held at our facility for three or five working days, Sundays and Holidays are not included.

The animals are held three working days, if the animal had no apparent owner.

The animals are held five working days if the animal seems to have had an owner, for example, a neutered male, a collar, recently clipped, etc.

Animals surrendered by the owner become the immediate property of NHC.

After the holding period, during which time the owner may redeem their pet, the animals become NHC property. At this point, shelter staff determines which ones may be placed for adoption.

The animals are given a physical exam, vaccinated, dewormed, and checked for open wounds, which may have been inflicted by a potential rabies vector.

The ones who are adoptable are placed in our adoption area (no specified time limit), awaiting a new home. Unfortunately, far more animals are surrendered for placement than those seeking new companions.

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1. What happens to animals that Animal Services Unit (ASU) picks up?
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