Who are the Foster and Adoptive Resource Families in DSS?
  • Two Children with Their Arms Around Each OtherNew Hanover County foster and adoptive parents are your friends, neighbors, and fellow community citizens. Most families who adopt through DSS provide foster care first.
  • We find that by the time a child goes through the process of becoming available for adoption, he/she has bonded with the foster parents and many times it is this foster family who adopts the child. There are times when it isn't the right match for the current foster parent to adopt the child and in those cases we look to our other families interested in adoption to make a connection. Our families come from all different backgrounds and live in all communities across the county.
  • We have many single parents as well as couples who adopt. 
  • Many children who are adopted from foster care qualify for ongoing adoption assistance benefits.
  •  For children who are adopted in their teens there is even help for college available.
  •  Probably the greatest challenge of adoption from foster care is that it is unknown at the time a child is placed in a home whether the child will later need an adoptive family. 
  • The Department's first responsibility is to work with the birth family to alleviate the need for continued foster care and recommend reunification. We don't know what the outcome will be at the time of placement, so our foster families have to be prepared to let go of a child they've grown to love.
  • If a foster parent does adopt a child from foster care, the Department helps the foster parent navigate the adoption process. The Department also provides fee services including: preplacement assessments for independent adoptions, and stepparent and relative adoption services for children who are not in the Department's custody.

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