Social Services


1650 Greenfield Street
Wilmington, NC 28401




Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday: 

8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Tuesday: 8:00 am to 6:00 pm

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Alvarado, Alexa Permanency Planning Supervisor 910-798-3463  
Barton, Josh Child Protective Services Supervisor 910-798-3559  
Bickel, Tiffany Permanency Planning Supervisor 910-798-3547  
Bocnuk, Brian Program Manager, Permanency Planning 910-798-3545  
Brunson, Pam Child Protective Services Supervisor 910-798-3617  
Bryant, Talishia LINKS Coordinator 910-945-8160  
Conant, Michael In-Home Aid Supervisor 910-798-8031  
Davis, John Child Protective Services Intake Supervisor 910-798-3582  
Dwy, Christopher Child Protective Services Supervisor 910-798-3794  
Dwyer, Sean Program Manager, Adult Services 910-798-3795  
Early, Janal LINKS Coordinator 910-945-8039  
Garner, Amber Program Manager, Economic Services 910-798-3718  
Harrell, Alyssa Child Support Services 910-343-5291  
Harvey, Lori Program Manager, Economic Services 910-798-3747  
Hugus, Cory Permanency Planning Supervisor 910-798-3467  
Jackson, Tonya Social Services Director (910) 798-3631  
Kuehner, David Permanency Planning Supervisor 910-798-3603  
Le Duc, Crystal Adult Services Supervisor 910-798-3780  
Lee, Janella Adult Services Supervisor 910-798-3756  
Montgomery, Justine Child Protective Services After Hours Supervisor 910-798-3670  
Moore, Alice Foster Care Licensing Supervisor 910-798-3566  
Nelson, Sarah Child Protective Services Supervisor 910-798-3568  
Price-Pollock, Erica Permanency Planning Supervisor 910-798-3571  
Reese, Rhonda Child Protective Services Supervisor 910-798-3740  
Gooding-Register, Chiquita Adult Services Supervisor 910-798-3506  
Royals, Holly Child Protective Services Program Manager 910-798-3584  
Rubright, Mary Beth Assistant Director of Social Work Services 910-798-3575  
Sigman, Terah Adult Protective Services Supervisor 910-798-3701  
Spivey, Kathi Child Protective Services Supervisor 910-798-3616  
Thompson, Christy Permanency Planning Supervisor 910-798-3619  
Walker, Vanell Assistant Director for Economic and Family Services 910-798-3417  
Williams, Gwendolyn Economic Services Program Integrity 910-798-3769  
Watson-Hall, Esther Administrative Supervisor (910) 798-3536  
Fraud, To Report   910-798-3500, ask to be connected to Program Integrity  
Greer, Steven Family Support Supervisor 910-798-3775  
Johnson, LaWanda Human Services Casework Supervisor 910-798-3692  
Jones, Stacey Human Services Casework Supervisor 910-798-3730  
Lamkin, Amanda Human Services Casework Supervisor 910-798-6688  
Outten, Ashley Human Services Casework Supervisor 910-798-3625  
Redenbaugh, Kelly Human Services Casework Supervisor 910-798-3538  
Burns, Margaret Human Services Casework Supervisor 910-798-3455  
Jones, Karen Human Services Casework Supervisor 910-798-3764  
Jackson, Melissa Human Services Casework Supervisor 910-798-3694  
Krumel, Kyle Human Services Casework Supervisor 910-798-6608  
McLaughlin, Bobbie Human Services Casework Supervisor 910-798-3682  
Mendleson, Lorain Human Services Casework Supervisor 910-798-3667  
Wilkins, Rebecca Human Services Casework Supervisor 910-798-3642  
Madden, Tanya Protective Services After Hours Supervisor 910-798-3502  
Lee, Heather Child Protective Services Supervisor 910-798-3701  
Hope, Renee Adult Services Supervisor 910-798-3701  

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