The Animal Services Unit desires to provide the best possible homes for our available animals. Be sure you are ready for the responsibility of a new pet before you take one home. They deserve a family that will care for all their needs for as long as they live, which could be several decades in some cases. The adoption cost is a $60 non-refundable fee. You must also pay the $10 County registration fee which is payable at the time of adoption

Animals may be adopted from the shelter between 11 am and 3:45 pm Monday through Friday and on Saturday 8 am to noon.

All animals have been spayed or neutered prior to being placed in our adoption area. They have also received routine vaccinations and deworming for hooks and rounds. Dogs are not tested for heartworms.

Questions to Ask to Determine if You Are Ready for a New Pet

  • Do I have the extra time needed to properly care for an animal?
  • Can I afford the extra costs of being a pet owner such as vet bills, food, medication, toys, grooming and more?
  • Am I renting? If yes, am I aware of any animal restrictions, such as breed or weight? Will there be additional costs added to my lease?
  • Do I have any other pets? If so, will the animals get along with each other?
  • Will I be able to provide a stable and loving home for a pet for the next 10 to 20 years?

Available Pets

Adoption Refund Policy

Refunds for adoptions may be granted if the following conditions are met:

  • The adopted animal is returned
  • The adopted animal is examined by a veterinarian within five working days from the adoption date and a health problem is noted.
  • The adoptee produces either a handwritten note or a computer-generated report from the veterinarian stating the findings and date examined.

The amount of refund will be the total of the adoption fee and county license fee if purchased and returned. The adoptee is responsible for any charges by the veterinarian.