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  1. Land Development Characteristics

Land Development CharacteristicsOpen Mapping Application

This mapping service was created to work with New Hanover County's OneSolution Community Development software. It provides information and renders map layers to identify and illustrate location-based characteristics that are important to our development review and permitting processes.

  1. Zoning Boundaries
  1. Contour Lines & Elevation
  1. Fire Insurance Ratings
  1. Flood Zone Changes 2006 vs. 2018
  1. NHC Free WiFi Locations

Current Issues & Story Maps

  1. Wilmington Massacre and Coup d'état of 1898

Wilmington Massacre and Coup detat of 1898

Explore the history of Wilmington through this map journal, which features a map of historic landmarks, photographs, and a narrative timeline. Together these elements present the events surrounding the Wilmington Massacre and Coup d'état of 1898, where the local government was violently overthrown and black citizens and prominent business owners were killed or driven out of town. 

  1. New Hanover County's Green Book Sites Green Book Sites
  1. Creating a Future Land Use Plan 
  1. Capital Improvement Projects
  1. Parks Improvement Projects

Conservation & Environment

  1. Conservation Habitats

Conservation Habitats Opens in new windowThis mapping service was created to display conservation data provided by NC OneMap. It provides information about shellfish growing areas, submerged aquatic vegetation, and natural heritage areas within New Hanover County. 

  1. Water Quality
  1. Soil Types
  1. Stormwater Reference