Patrol Division

The commander of this division holds the rank of captain with the assistant division commander holding the rank of lieutenant. There are other lieutenants who command the individual sections. Under these section commanders are sergeants and corporals.

The goal of this division is to prevent crime by deterring those who would violate the law through highly visible proactive patrolling of the county. To accomplish these objective deputies respond to calls for aid, conduct thorough preliminary investigations, and assist the citizens of this county with a myriad of legal, medical, social, and humanitarian problems.

This division is operational twenty-four hours a day. The Patrol Division has four squads (A, B, C, and D). The deputies are assigned to different sections of New Hanover County's 199 square mile area.

Deputies patrol their aPolice Officer Standing Next to a Carssigned sectors and respond to calls for service. During a twelve-hour shift schedule Deputies check buildings and keep a keen eye focused on suspicious vehicles and persons while checking business districts and residential areas in their marked patrol vehicles. This division has many specialized sections and units all of which make up the team.