We Are the Music Makers: Preserving the Soul of America’s Music

Exhibit on view: March 27, 2020 through July 12, 2020

We Are the Music Makers: Preserving the Soul of America's Music is a traveling exhibition curated by the Music Makers Relief Foundation. It draws on material that Timothy Duffy has collected over the decades in his quest to preserve Southern traditional music by partnering with the artists who make it. We Are the Music Makers! showcases the life experiences of 28 Southern Roots musicians.

Visitors will be able to learn about these talented, but often-overlooked Southern musicians. View a portrait and text for each artist, explore a graphic novel of the Music Maker Relief Foundation's origin story, listen to music, and examine some instruments. Visitors can visit a re-created Carolina drink house and see video performances of six of the featured artists. Visitors may reflect on the importance of music in our lives, try their hand at writing a blues lyric, and even make some music of their own on washboards, blocks, and tube chimes. A small selection of books on the blues, as well as the exhibit's companion book, will be available to browse in the gallery.

We Are the Music Makers: Preserving the Soul of America's Music is a multi-media exhibit of photographs, audio-recordings, and video from Timothy Duffy, founder of the Music Maker Relief Foundation.

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The Music Maker Relief Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit, was founded to preserve the musical traditions of the South by directly supporting the musicians who make it, ensuring their voices will not be silenced by poverty and time.