Strategic Measure Reports

January 2023: Strategic Plan 2018-2023 Report Out

New Hanover County continues to lead with a strategic vision that has helped our community make significant progress towards becoming the vibrant and prosperous community we aspire to by accomplishing goals that serve our community. The county made progress despite the many dynamic circumstances and uncertainties we’ve experienced over the past five years.

In fact, I would say that our successes are due to the Board of Commissioners’ commitment to lead with a robust strategy focused on measurable goals that directly impact our community and residents. Because of our strategy, we have been able to remain focused on the long-term goals of our community while remaining agile and flexible so that we can respond to the dynamic circumstances over the past five years.

I often say that New Hanover County employees are the best and brightest. And while that’s true, it’s also important to share that New Hanover County employees report loving the work they do. Not just liking their job, but loving the work they do and taking pride in the work they do each and every day to serve our residents.

As we look back at the past five years, the impact of our employees can be keenly seen, and the community partnerships, engagement of our residents, and investment of our businesses have all contributed to a lot of our county’s successes. We still have work to do, but I’m pleased to share some of that progress in our three main 2018-2023 strategic focus areas.

NHC 2018-2023 Strategic Plan Report Out (PDF)

Over the past year New Hanover County employees have developed new strategies and business processes to effectively deal with the COVID-19 virus, the administration of vaccination efforts community-wide, the transition of the virus from pandemic to endemic and the economic, and mental health impacts associated from these experiences. Despite these challenges, New Hanover County has been able to make progress towards our board's vision of a vibrant prosperous, diverse coastal community committed to building a sustainable future for the next generation and the strategies needed to meet our citizens' overall wellbeing, including physical, emotional, and financial needs.

Our organization continues to lead our community with public health guidance and resources, new programs and initiatives tailored to the needs of our community through creative uses of federal funds established through the American Rescue Plan and facilitated discussions and strategic planning for community and school safety. During these unprecedented times, New Hanover County continues to make progress towards being a vibrant and prosperous community and I am confident this is only possible because of the commitment to public service demonstrated by our employees and leadership.

2022 Strategic Plan Report Out