Geocache Challenge

Parks and Gardens has hidden 12 geocaches in 10 different parks for a new Geo-Challenge. To participate:

  1. Parks Star JrPrint the Geo-Challenge Passport (PDF)
  2. Register for a free account on Geocaching. Here you will find GPS coordinates and more information regarding geocaching. You may also download the free geocaching app for smartphones.
  3. Locate all 12 geocaches:
  4. Stamp your passport with the stamper inside the container (leave the stampers in the cache for the next person)
  5. Register each find on (If you do not register each find, you are not guaranteed a prize)
  6. Once you have found all 12 geocaches, take your completed passport to the Parks office to receive your prize (Monday through Friday 8 am-5 pm). The prize is for children.
  7. If you complete the Geo-Challenge at Airlie Gardens, you may turn your completed passport in to the Ticket Agent and receive your prize while you are there (Monday through Sunday, 9 am to 5 pm). You must enter Airlie Gardens before 4:30 pm.

Groups are welcome to participate in the Geo-Challenge, however, the group leader must contact the Parks office at 910-798-7629 prior to beginning the challenge so that we can be prepared for your group. A "group" is considered any group of people larger than an individual family, including schools, daycares, summer camps, etc.

There is a charge for admission to Airlie Gardens. Geocachers may gain complimentary access to Airlie in order to complete the Geo-Challenge if and when they have found all 11 of the other Geo-Challenge caches (you must show your completed Geo-Challenge passport to the Ticket Agent to gain free entry). Also, admission is free for New Hanover County residents on the first Sunday of every month.