Business Property & Listing Information

Business personal property includes machinery, computer/office equipment, airplanes, unlicensed vehicles, leasehold improvements, leased equipment, supplies, furniture, fixtures, farm equipment, etc. which are used for a business. Listings must be submitted during the month of January to avoid a 10% late listing penalty. However, an extension can be granted until April 15, if the request is made in writing and is postmarked or hand delivered to the Tax Department by January 31st, or if January 31st falls on a weekend the first business day following the 31st. Business property statements are mailed to all businesses who listed the previous year or for anyone who has requested a form. Any taxpayer doing business as of January 1 of the current listing year is required to list. If you have business personal property and did not receive a listing form, please call the Information Center at (910) 798-7300 and request a form be mailed to you.

Note: Effective January 1, 2014, IRP plated vehicles are required to be listed with the local county tax office as part of the business listing.

Business Personal Property Listing Forms are available on our Forms page.