Land Conservation

Large Lake with TreesEagles Island lies in the confluence of the Cape Fear and Brunswick Rivers in southeastern NC in the Lower Cape Fear River Basin. The approximate 2,100-acre island lies directly across the Cape Fear River from the historic downtown Wilmington boardwalk in New Hanover County. The island itself is situated mostly in Brunswick County, however. The town of Leland is just to the west of the Island on the Brunswick River.

The land parcels on Eagles Island are presently owned by private (individual and corporate) landholders, the State of North Carolina (NC Division of Soil and Water Conservation, NC Department of Transportation, and NC Ports Authority), and the New Hanover Soil and Water Conservation District.

The Eagles Island Coalition is a multi-agency, municipal, and non-governmental organization partnership focused on protecting the existing natural areas on Eagle Island and the lower Cape Fear/Brunswick River Marsh complex. The primary goals of the initiative include the following: 

  • Ensure water quality
  • Habitat conservation and restoration for wildlife and fisheries
  • Education and awareness
  • The establishment of passive recreational opportunities in the form of a canoe/kayak trail, hunting and fishing, and wildlife viewing areas.

View a February 2021 presentation about Eagles Island with Cape Fear River Watch.

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View the 2011 Eagles Island Report (PDF), with historical information as well as an inventory of local flora/fauna.

The document "Eagles Island: A History of the Landscape" was created by Environmental Services Inc., However, Sami Seeb Powers (who is cited occasionally in the document) was the primary researcher for the majority of the data presented in this report and should be properly recognized for her research and efforts. Thank you, Sami. We extend our apologies for any misrepresentation of her work.