Equity and Inclusion Summit

The 2023 Equity and Inclusion Summit    September 14th through the 15th

Join us for New Hanover Counties 2023 Equity & Inclusion Summit.  Last year participants from across the region converged in Wilmington, NC to discuss some of the most pressing DEI topics in our country's history. This year we are faced with even more government regulations, bans and an assortment of issues that challenge the work of diversity and inclusion globally. This summit promises to continue the necessary dialogues and exploration of these challenges in order to help our communities thrive and continue our journey to community-wide inclusion. Our expert panel of presenters will introduce you to their experiences and innovations during this two day summit. Our topics will explore how we can create inclusive communities, exploring the latest GIS technology for navigating equity in our community, exploring micro-aggressions on a broader level, health equity, book bans and so much more. Join us as brilliant and diverse minds discuss and unpack the pressing innovations and solutions that help create inclusive spaces across our state.

Click for Conference agenda and experience: https://www.canva.com/design/DAFn3Ye8UtQ/mvNnrW8dOXrqUKRymZqI3g/view#1 

Register:                                                                                               https://2023EquityInclusionSummit.eventbrite.com

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