Production Permit

Production Permit Application

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  4. Location Information

  5. NOTE: Access to this location by the public must be maintained. At no time should doorways, halls, fire escapes or sidewalks be obstructed in such a way as to prohibit pedestrian access unless otherwise agreed upon. All capacity limits must be observed.

  6. Describe all requests for property alterations (including painting, vegetation removal, and addition/removal of light fixtures). Attach diagrams/additional information as needed.

  7. Logistics Information

  8. Extras holding area requested*
  9. This office will assist in locating appropriate area for extras holding.

  10. Basecamp parking
  11. Security requested from NHC Sheriff's Office*
  12. Intermittent traffic control requested

    NOTE: Traffic control on state-maintained public roadways located outside of city or town limits must be coordinated with NC Department of Transportation and/or New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office.

  13. See guidelines for instructions for minimum insurance requirements.

  14. Describe any special effects to be used including gun fire, explosions, stunts, and use of animals. NOTE: Some uses may require a fire permit.

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