Growth Nodes

The Future Land Use Map shows three growth nodes where more density will be encouraged: the Cape Fear Community College (CFCC) North Campus area, Kirkland/Porters Neck area, and Monkey Junction area. These locations have the most opportunity to become service and housing hubs. In order for that to happen, these areas will need to develop and redevelop in new ways.


A mix of commercial, residential, and other land uses will provide opportunities for residents to access services without a car, reducing the amount of traffic on roads. Greater densities also increases residents' transportation choices. Biking and walking to services becomes more convenient, and public transit becomes more affordable. As more people get out of their cars, interaction among residents and businesses increases and communities become more vibrant.

Clustering growth in this way also promotes the conservation of natural resources and rural areas. These development nodes can provide the housing and jobs our population will need, limiting the necessity to develop green space.

CFCC North Campus

The area around Cape Fear Community College's (CFCC) North Campus is an opportunity for a new development hub anchored by the college. The school and its students can support a mixture of uses, including residential, retail, and office development. This growth node could also provide a space for larger retailers to serve the Castle Hayne and Sidbury Road areas. This area has easy access to I-40, the I-140 bypass, N College Road, and Blue Clay Road. With new development predicted in the northeastern portion of the county, this center could be vital for meeting the area's needs.

Kirkland / Porters Neck

The Kirkland/Porters Neck area is already a major commercial destination with big-box retailers, grocery store chains, and restaurants. Growth in this node will focus on redevelopment and increased building height. This area serves the residents of Porters Neck, Figure 8 Island, Odgen, and eastern Pender County. Expected development in the county's northeast and across the Pender border can also spur expansion.

Monkey Junction

The Monkey Junction intersection of S College Road and Carolina Beach Road is already a commercial center and has the opportunity to be a more dense area of development in the southern part of the county. This area is part of the unincorporated county but is in close proximity to city limits, making redevelopment with taller buildings and a more urban-design style appropriate.