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The New Hanover County Sheriff's Office offers the Sheriff's Academy.  This academy consist of intelligent men and women who are employed with the Sheriff's Office and has the desire to further their education and the career objective to obtain a sworn position in law enforcement.

The Sheriff's Academy is conducted in a para-military environment. While many of the principles and practices of military training are utilized in BLET, the goals differ from that of the military. All training practices in the Sheriff's Academy are aimed at one result, the creation of an entry level officer who has acquired a high level of job knowledge, who is prepared for the physical challenges of the job, who has developed a professional appearance and attitude, and who appreciates the benefits of treating people with dignity and respect. To this end emphasis is placed on:

bullet Academic Excellence: Pass Rate will be announced at the conclusion of Academy 001-08.
bullet Physical Fitness & Wellness: Trainee's participate in a challenging, but not impossible, program of physical activities to prepare for the rigors of the job. Activities include calisthenics, weight training, group runs, and aerobics. Combined with attention to proper diet, Trainees can expect weight loss and an improved sense of self-esteem.


bullet Discipline: Survival and professional service are based upon the development of a high level of discipline. The concept of discipline encompasses learning to do what has to be done, and then doing it in an orderly, well planned, and team like manner. It includes the development of self-control, character, efficiency and dependability. With discipline comes a recognition of tradition, pride, honor and duty. Disciplined officers quickly gain recognition by their superiors and become leaders in their agency.

Basic Law Enforcement Training is an accredited program of the North Carolina Criminal Justice Education & Training Standards Commission and the North Carolina Sheriffs' Education & Training Standards Commission. Upon successful completion of this program, students may sit for the comprehensive State certification examination, which is one of the many requirements mandated by the North Carolina Administrative Code for employment as a police officer or Deputy Sheriff.

In conjunction with Cape Fear Community College the Academy is a full-time program conducted over a period of 16 weeks and consisting of 624 hours of training. Class sessions are held Monday through Friday starting at 8:00 a.m. with the schedule varying depending upon the training topic of the day. Occasional night training is mandated.

For More Information on the Sheriff's Academy, contact the Recruitment Unit at (910) 798-4221 or email recruitment@nhcgov.com.