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All animal bites to a human must be reported to Animal Services Unit. Healthcare professionals are required by law to report animal bites to their area animal control agency.
 The following procedures must be followed in confinement of dogs, cats, and ferrets:
 1) The ten days shall be calculated starting with the day of the bite as day one.
 2) Any animal with a current rabies vaccination (proof required) may be confined at the owner’s residence; provided they have a secure location to house their pet for the ten-day period and their pet was under control at the time of the bite.
 3) Any animal not properly vaccinated must be confined at the ASU shelter, a veterinary hospital, or an approved kennel, at the owner’s expense.
 4) Any animal running-at-large at the time of the incident must also be confined at the ASU shelter, a veterinary hospital, or an approved kennel, at the owner’s expense.
 5) No animal shall be rabies vaccinated prior to or during the confinement period.

Protect Yourself from Rabies

Rabies is a deadly viral disease that can be prevented but not cured.
Follow these guidelines to make sure you and your pets are protected:

• Wash every wound to remove any saliva from yourself and/or your pet, which is how the virus is carried. (Be sure to wear protective gloves to handle exposed pets.)

• Call Animal Control Services to report any exposure. Be sure to provide an accurate description of the attacking animal and the owner’s name and address, if known.

• Contact your doctor and/or your pet’s veterinarian, even if the wound is minor.

• Capture and isolate the attacking animal if possible. Keep children away from all animals involved.

• If your currently vaccinated pet is exposed to a rabid or potentially rabid animal, you must re-vaccinate it within five days.

• Keep your property free of garbage and pet food that may attract wildlife. Be sure to secure all trash container tops.

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Rabies Clinic Schedule 2014

October 25, from 0900-1100 @ Animal Services


Clinic hours are from 9-11 Saturday on all above dates and will be held at our facility located at 180 Division Drive.

The owner must bring certificate from previous rabies vaccine in order to get a 3 year vaccine. (a rabies tag is not proof)