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"Honor, Pride and Commitment"

The New Hanover County Sheriff's Office Honor Guard Unit has been established to represent Sheriff McMahon and all of their fellow deputies. Under the command of Lt. Don Warnick and at direction of team leader Lt. Curtis Barnhill, the Honor Guard performs at various events to offer support, fellowship and brotherhood to the officers, families, friends and citizens of New Hanover County.  Deputies serving in the Honor Guard also maintain other full-time responsibilities within the Sheriff's Office.

In 1987 the New Hanover County Sheriff's Office was awarded the Grand National trophy for 'best dressed uniform." The Honor Guard maintains that integrity with its uniform.  In January 2004, Sheriff S.A. Causey and Chief Deputy W.T. Parker redesigned the Honor Guard uniform to what it is today.  Each member takes pride in the wearing of that uniform and adheres to the Sheriff's Office standard of Appearance, Performance, and Demeanor.


Honor Guard Team

Special Events



In May of 2007, the Honor Guard Team went to Washington, D.C. and competed in the Fraternal Order of Police Honor Guard National Team Competition.  It was the first time they had ever competed.  The team placed 11th overall in the event.


Team Competition

The team was given the honor to stand watch over the Memorial Wreath at the National Law Enforcement Memorial.  The team also assisted the United States Secret Service Uniform Division at the two main entrance gates in checking and verifying the identification of all uniformed police officers attending the ceremonies held on the grounds of the United States Capital.  The guest speaker was President George W. Bush. We checked in about 5,000 + police officers from all over the world.  The New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office Honor Guard was the only outside police unit used for this detail.

Honor Guard Team  - Capital Grounds

Other functions include patriotic celebrations, presentation of colors at numerous church and social events and annual participation in the North Carolina azalea festival. The team is also the honor guard for funerals of law enforcement and military officers when requested by families.  The team has also been asked by Sheriff McMahon to send Honor Guard members to all North Carolina law enforcement officer's funerals that were killed in the line of duty.  The team continues to serve with the utmost "honor, pride and commitment" for the sheriff, fellow officers and the citizens of New Hanover County.


2006 and 2007 Azalea Festival Parade


For more information contact:

 Lt. Don Warnick at (910) 798-4165