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The overall success of the New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office Emergency Response Team is dependent upon values which we have chosen to exemplify the organization.  These values portray the image of the founding members.  Ours is not a new organization.  Great pride should be taken in the fact the team has sustained its existence for over twenty years.  These values should be published so prospective members, and others, understand the level of commitment. 


Our values include integrity, selfless service, professionalism, discipline, knowledge, and motivation. 


To insure continued success, we must have the integrity to always fulfill the statutory responsibilities bestowed upon us by the Sheriff of New Hanover County .  Selfless service to the public should be a guiding principle which directs us in all aspects of duty.  Because the image of the team is based upon how we conduct ourselves, we should at all times strive to convey a professional demeanor to the public and to our fellow officers.  Emotions may run high during the performance of our specialized duties, so we should practice personal and group discipline to avoid the interference of personal feelings and  the confusion of disorganization.  Our knowledge, or the lack thereof, may directly affect not only the mission at hand, but may also impact how we are viewed in the community. 


The final component of the overall success of the Emergency Response Team is motivation.  Motivation to do a job is what forged the team over twenty years ago, and it is the central element which induced us to become members of the team.  Our motivation fuels our efforts to continue to move forward and remain the best of the best.