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The seal of the New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office Emergency Response Team is based around a six pointed sheriff’s star, the modern version of the earlier used five pointed star, which represents a more modern agency with sharp points to utilize in the fight against crime.  The star is marked with a light colored version of the identifier “SHERIFF,” lest there be any doubt in the minds of onlookers as to whom we are, and it is adorned with an upheld sword, a lightning bolt, and a profile of the battleship memorial USS North Carolina.

Our upheld sword represents the variety of weaponry available to the Team for use in its lifesaving deployments, and it stands for a sharp edge required of us as tactical deputies.  The sword points upward to remind us of the divine guidance we implore before and after every mission.  The lightning bolt is our warning to those who threaten life or our community with harm: We will strike hard and fast from a seemingly invisible quadrant.  The Battleship North Carolina symbolically represents our agency as a mighty and powerful force.

With these central elements, the seal is further marked with our agency name and Team Name, all in subdued colors of gray and black.  These colors stand for our tradition of remaining quietly in the shadows until needed. 

We believe this seal, created in August of 1999, is representative of a unique unit manned by deputies whose training and demeanor are in keeping with the finest traditions of tactical operators.