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Since the late 1970's, the New Hanover County Sheriff's Office Emergency Response Team has provided the citizens and surrounding agencies with highly trained and well disciplined members capable of dealing with situations, which require Specialized Weapons and Tactics. During this unit's history numerous high-risk warrant services have been performed resulting in the arrest of many dangerous criminals.

Responsibilities include resolving hostage situations, armed barricaded incidents, sniper incidents, aggravated suicide attempts, riot situations, aggravated school violence and high risk warrant services. To assist with all of these task the team receives diversified training. The team is composed of specialized sections, including an Entry Team, Tactical Medics, Snipers, Negotiators and Logistics officers. The team takes great pride in itís appearance to the citizens, performance in protecting and serving the citizens and itís demeanor when working with the citizens of New Hanover County. The Emergency Response Team has a very strict application process and an extremely demanding qualification and selection.

With the Columbine incident of 1999 the team was given a new set of values that had as its core - School Security. Nothing ranks higher in importance. Other areas where the Emergency Response Team plays a central role include but are not limited to: Critical Incident Management, tactical assistance to other units, service of outstanding warrants, and Hostage Rescue.


  • The ERT recruits deputies in good physical condition with an aptitude for advanced tactical and marksmanship training.

  • The candidates are selected based on a meticulous application process and on their performance during a rigorous tryout and physical assessment.

  • If accepted, they are placed on probation for a period of one year, during that time they are trained in tactics and protocols of the team.

  • If the candidate successfully complete the one year probation, they are then appointed as full members of the team.


  • The team trains a minimum of 16 hours a month on a variety of tactics and procedures.

  • Members continuously attend a variety of professional law enforcement schools in order to maintain their current skills.

Community Service

  • The Emergency Response Team works hard to have a positive impact on the community it serves.

  • The team participates in the following programs

Sheriff's Citizens Academy

"SAFE" Summer Camp

Ladies Day at the Range

Various Displays for Community Organizations

School Security

  • Nothing ranks higher in the team priorities than school security.

  • The team is always working on school days and is available to respond in the event of a critical incidents at any school in the county.

  • The team works closely with school officials and the Sheriff's School Resource Unit to ensure the children are able to learn in a safe environment.

  • The team assists with the evaluation of school lock-down procedures.

  • The team provides recommendations to school administrators on how to improve and maintain the security of the schools.


  • The team is responsible for service of warrants for the Sheriff's Office.

  • Felony and Domestic Violence warrants are given priority.

  • When requested, ERT assists other divisions of the Sheriff's Office and other agencies with higher risk warrant services.