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Court Security



Lieutenant J. L. Simmons -

Section Commander


Sergeant J. Rohena -

Assistant Supervisor



 910-798-4560 Main

910-342-2564 FAX


The Safety and Security Section is responsible for providing security at several buildings throughout the county.  

There are approximately 16 deputies and several civilians in this section.  Their main office is located in the New Hanover County Judicial Building where they monitor and check every person that enters the courthouse using two walk-thru metal detectors, an X-Ray style metal detector over a conveyor belt and  hand held metal detectors used for secondary checking.  Providing information and directions are also a big part of the security deputy’s role.  To assist them with keeping a watchful eye on the courthouse property is a 63-camera surveillance system that monitors and records key areas inside and outside the courthouse.

The deputies are instructed to handle all security issues in these areas such as disorderly or unruly citizens, domestic situations, and the service of outstanding warrants.  Also, the deputies are required to escort the Magistrates and Snack Bar Attendant to the bank on a daily basis and escort/monitor any workers or outside contractors who are required to do any type of work in secure areas of the courthouse.  

They are required to physically check the offices in the New Hanover County Historic Courthouse and the County Offices at Marketplace Mall several times a day. One deputy is stationed at the Office of Juvenile Justice all day.  There are also several deputies responsible for safely transporting inmates to and from the New Hanover County Jail and the courthouse on a daily basis.

The New Hanover County Department of Social Services also has 2 deputies supplied to them to assist in maintaining order at their location.  They have a walk thru metal detector and hand held metal detectors at their location to provide further security.  At the end of their day, they are required to make sure that no one has been left in the building and that all doors are secured for the night.  The Deputies also respond to all alarms in the covered facilities.