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The Court Bailiff’s Section is made up of approximately 28 deputies.  The bailiff is responsible for maintaining security in the courtroom which consists of standing by the judge’s side while court is in session, maintaining a secure and orderly courtroom environment while the judge is on the bench and confirming that there are no potential weapons accessible to a defendant in the courtroom.

They also provide assistance to the judges such as confirming that there is a parking space awaiting the judge on his or her arrival, meeting with the judge before court to assist with any books, briefcases, robe, etc…, making sure that the gavel, a pitcher of fresh water and a glass (plastic) cup are on the bench.   Upon request, they are to assist the judge with room reservations, and inform him or her of any benefits or undesirable features of various lodging and eating places. 

 When the occasion arises they are to inform the judge of any unusual circumstances of which the bailiff is aware, such as inclement incoming weather, natural disasters or catastrophes.   Bailiffs are required to pay attention to every order given by the judge and implement them as appropriate.   The Bailiffs are also responsible for the safety and security of inmates while in the court.   When a Jury is required for a trial or hearing, the bailiff is responsible to escort jurors to the allocated locations, make sure they have all the supplies/materials that they need, and is to remain near the jury in the courtroom without engaging in any type of conversation related to the case.  They are responsible for relaying vital communications between the jury and the judge when they are in the jury room.  The bailiff is responsible for officially opening and closing court for the State of North Carolina when the judge instructs them to do so.


Court paperwork is also handled by the bailiffs when an inmate has court appearances.  They are to pick up the paperwork from the jail on the morning that an inmate is scheduled for court, transport it to the clerk in the designated court room for modifications or continuations.  It is then taken into the holding cell and recorded into a log book and transported back over to the jail for the clerical staff to enter into the computer. 


In 2005, the New Hanover County Courthouse implemented the use of audio and video transmission between the courtroom and defendants currently in the New Hanover County Jail for the purpose of conducting first appearances and arraignments.  The use of this audio and video equipment increases security by reducing the number of inmates transported from the New Hanover County Jail to the Courthouse each day.

Every weekday morning and afternoon, the bailiffs conduct an official flag raising/lowering ceremony with 2 deputies assigned this task.  Bailiffs are often requested to assist Judicial Building employees in transporting defendant records to and from the courtroom to the clerk’s office, assisting with mental commitment hearings,  transporting juveniles to and from the Juvenile Service Center to the Office of Juvenile Justice Building for court hearings,  DNA Testing,  retrieving extra court paperwork and other forms from the Detention Facility upon request.  The bailiffs work very closely with the Clerk’s Offices, the District Attorney’s Offices and the Judge’s Office.  Bailiffs are readily available to answer questions the public may have while visiting the courthouse.