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The Sheriff’s Office is responsible for the service of all Civil Processes within New Hanover County.  These processes include Magistrate Summons, Civil Summons, Domestic Violence Orders, Claim and Deliveries, Writs for Possession (real and personal property), Civil Orders for Arrest, Juvenile Summons, Tax Warrants, Attachments, Writs of Executions (enforcement of money judgments), and Child Custody Orders.

The Unit includes 16 full-time Deputies, 7 Reserved Deputies (part-time), 9 full-time civilians, and 6 part time civilians.  The service of  civil process is divided into service districts and specialized assignments.  Two deputies serve Writs of Possession, Orders of Attachment, Claim and Deliveries, and Writs of Execution. Each of these types of civil process requires specific action by the Office of  the Sheriff. The purpose of this action is to recover money or property for the prevailing  party in a civil case.

The Sheriff’s Office places special emphasis on the prompt service of Domestic Violence Orders.  Last year the Civil Unit served 884 orders of this nature. The issuance  and enforcement of these orders is one way the court system combats the chain of violence.



Any information you have regarding the person to be served will be helpful.  Information sheets are provided at the Civil Office or may be downloaded by clicking on the following:


Click here to download Civil Information Sheet

The Fees for Civil Process:

$30.00 (each individual or corporation in an action initiated in NC)

$50.00 (each individual or corporation in an action initiated outside NC)


Payment Methods:

Cash, Money Orders, or Cashiers' Check are accepted.  Personal Checks are not accepted.

Money Orders and Checks should be made payable to:


New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office


Our mailing address is:  

New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office

Civil Process Unit

300 Princess  Street, Room 201

Wilmington , NC 28401  




  • You must obtain a Magistrate Summons / Complaint In Summary Ejectment from the Clerk Of Court

  • The Clerk Of Court is required to set the court date for Summary Ejectments within seven days of the date of issuance.

  • The summons is then brought to the Sheriff’s Office for service.

  • In order for the Sheriff’s Office to remove a tenant, a Writ of Possession for Real Property is necessary.

Civil Desk Unit

Sgt. T. Baker Office Hours: Monday- Friday (8AM To 5PM)

Phone Number (910) 798-4200


The Sheriff’s Office Civil Desk is responsible for greeting the public and providing information.  In addition, the Front Desk aids in the service of warrants, criminal summons, domestic violence orders, and civil process. Another function of the Civil Desk is taking reports and providing copies to the public.


The Unit also provides applications for Pistol Purchase. Additionally, the Pistol Purchase Application is located under “NHSO FORMS” on the lower left column of the Sheriff’s webpage.







Records Management Unit

Latoya Thomas(Supervisor)

Office Hours: Monday- Friday (8 AM to 5 PM)

Phone Number (910) 798-4200


This Unit consists of 5 full time employees and 6 part time employees. Each is certified by the North Carolina Bureau of Investigations to perform their job.  The Records Management Unit is responsible for data entry for the Sheriff’s incident/investigation reports.  These reports include felony and misdemeanors, property crimes, domestic violence, juvenile cases, citations, and arrests. Sheriff’s Office reports are made available pursuant to North Carolina Public Records law on Monday thru Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm.  From these reports, certain information, such as wanted / missing persons or stolen property may be entered into a national database.  This database aids all law enforcement agencies in the arrest and prosecution of offenders and recovery of property.  Other duties of the Unit include compiling crime statistics for local and national analysis, and processing Concealed Carry and Pistol Purchase, to include background checks.


Pistol Purchase Permit Information


The section also provides Concealed Carry Permit Information.

Applications must be typed or printed and notarized. The Sheriff’s Office accepts these applications on Monday-Friday 8:30-3:30pm.


Pistol Permit applications are completed online, or you can come into the Sheriff's Office to complete it online Monday-Friday 8:30-5:00pm.


NHSO Pistol Purchase and Carry Concealed Forms


Concealed Carry Permit Information

Applications must be typed or printed and notarized. The Sheriff’s Office accepts these applications on Monday-Friday 8:30-3:30pm.

* New Applicant............$90.00

* Renewal......................$75.00

* Duplicate....................$15.00

Concealed Carry fees are cash only and nonrefundable.      


Concealed Carry Permit Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where do I get an application?

A. You obtain the application at the Civil Desk of the Sheriff’s Office.  (300 Princess Street  Room 201 , Wilmington , NC )

Q. Do I have to be a resident of New Hanover County to apply?

A. Yes, you apply in the county in which you reside.


Q. Are there other requirements?

A. Yes, the applicant must have acceptable photo identification and have completed an approved Concealed Carry Safety and Training Course. The original certificate of completion from this course must be submitted with the application.  The applicant must also undergo a background check.

Q. Where can I attend the safety and training course?

A. Classes are offered through the community college system and gun clubs. For Cape Fear Community College call (910) 362-7189.


Q. Where can I find out more information about Concealed Carry Permits?

A. You may contact the Sheriff’s Office Civil Desk or obtain information through the following links: