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The New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office Transportation Unit is staffed by a Sergeant, a Corporal and five Deputies.  The Constitutional duties of the Sheriff in regards to the transportation and security of subjects includes the following:


Responsibility for the transportation and security of inmates that have been placed in the custody of the Sheriff and for the transportation of patients that are under voluntary and involuntary mental commitment orders.  Transportation includes transporting convicted inmates to the North Carolina Department of Corrections, transporting inmates from other jails within North Carolina that are awaiting trial in New Hanover County, back to our detention facility, transporting inmates to the North Carolina Department of Corrections for safekeeping, and transporting inmates to various hospitals for evaluation while the inmate is awaiting trial. 



The transportation of patients may include, but is not limited to the transporting of patients to and from various hospitals throughout North Carolina that provide special services for patients that have alcohol and drug dependencies as well as patients that may be harmful to themselves and others. 


In addition to the constitutional duties of the Sheriff we are contracted by the United States Marshal Service to transport Federal Inmates.  The transportation of federal inmates may include but is not limited to, the transporting of convicted federal inmates and federal inmates awaiting trial within North Carolina. These federal inmates are transported to the Federal Courthouse located in Wilmington and various other locations within North Carolina and surrounding states.


The Transportation Unit averages two hundred thousand (200,000) miles a year and transports approximately thirty five hundred (3,500) subjects a year.