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There are no hard facts or reliable sources to explain the many variations on the number of points or rays on a Sheriff’s badge. But the (SRT) Team regards the six Points on the New Hanover County Sheriffs badge as the ‘Six Pillars of Character’ as covered under the Ethics of Law Enforcement in the Field Training Officer’s manual. The (SRT) Team works hard to support the Detention Facility’s Field Training program, to include a “Buddy System” that provides positive reinforcement and assistance in the  transitioning of newly hired officers.



Shield: The Shield in the SRT Heraldry represents Strength and Protection. For Hundreds of years the shield displaying heraldry not only physically protected its bearer, it displayed the bearer’s status in the ranks of their army and their country’s social order.

Keys: For hundreds of years keys have represented an important part of both religious and social symbolism. The displayed Crossed keys in the heraldry of the SRT Team represent the ancient symbolism of Knowledge, along with opening and closing power. It also represents those who are entrusted with the responsibility to guard the incarcerated threats to the public, Turn-key(s)-the keepers of keys, someone who guards prisoners.

Eagle’s wings: The eagle’s wings on the SRT heraldry represent the historical symbolism of ‘Swiftness’ and ‘Protection’, historically in military and law enforcement tactical units the eagle’s wings represent the same. In medieval times the early Spanish Christians and crusading knights displayed the eagle’s wings in their heraldry indicating the (Armiger) or person bearing the arms was Courageous, a man of action and Judicious.

U.S.S. North Carolina (Battleship): The battleships were always known for their firepower and protection. The SRT team values the symbolism of the battleship, particularly the U.S.S. North Carolina with its rich history and tradition.

U.S.S. North Carolina (Submarine):  The Submarine is known for its stealth and surprise, sometimes known as the “Silent Service”. The SRT strives to operate silently, stealthy, and with surprise. The Virginia classed North Carolina represents those traits along with the power to guard and protect. The symbolism of the submarine plays just as an important role as the battleship on our coin and heraldry design. Together with all of the symbols it represents our purpose and responsibility in the Detention Facility.

Terminus Locus (Latin): “End the situation”





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