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THE COLD CASE UNIT was established to focus special investigative efforts on crimes that have remained unsolved for a prolonged period of time, often referred to as "cold cases".  These investigators review all evidence and take a fresh look at the crime.  A homicide case is considered closed when a suspect has been identified, charged, and arrested.  In the case files of the New Hanover County Sheriff's Office there are several cold cases that are still waiting for closure.  Some of these cold cases date back to 1998 and lack the critical information and/or evidence needed to identify or charge a suspect.


There are a number of unsolved crimes that we need your help with.  The victims and their families deserve justice.  If you have any information regarding an unsolved homicide, you are urged to contact the New Hanover County Sheriff's Office at (910) 798-4261.


We understand that sometimes people are hesitant to "get involved".  We would like to assure you that we will keep your information confidential.  However, if you would like to remain anonymous, you may submit your information to crime stoppers (910) 763-3888.



Unsolved Homicides


Below are the Unsolved Homicides that remain to date.  The New Hanover County Sheriff's Office has an excellent record for solving Homicides, but we still need your help.  The New Hanover County Sheriff's Office is committed to solving these homicide cases and will continue to search for new leads to bring closer for the families.  There are new leads to be discovered in these cases, all we need is the right person to come forward and help solve these cases.


Please review the following unsolved homicide cases and remember there is a family still waiting for justice.


1. Corey Vann- W/M 20 years of age. Murdered along the 6000 block of River Rd. Wilmington N.C. on January 29, 2009.                   
2. Barbara Jean Anderson- W/F 37 years of age. Murdered and body dumped along

 the 6500 block of River Rd. Wilmington N.C. on June 10, 1997.

3. Rose Marie Mallette W/F 26 years of age. Body was discovered behind MCO Transport on Hwy 421 Wilmington N.C. on 09-15-2002.
4. Tera Tracey - White Female, 25 years of age, Murdered while working at the Pantry, 5800 Castle Hayne Road, Castle Hayne.

Occurred December 24, 1999

5. Michael McIntyre - Black Male, 23 years of age, Murdered and his body was dumped near 4600 US Highway 421 North, Wilmington.

Occurred June 28, 2001

6. Frank Brown - White Male, 46 years of age, Murdered at his home of 2006 Oakley Road, Castle Hayne.

Occurred July 3, 2002

7. Michael Whaley - White Male, 41 years of age, Murdered at his home of 3625 Lynn Avenue, Castle Hayne.

Occurred February 25, 1998

8. Kathleen Cotten - White Female, 69 years of age, Murdered at her home of 2500 Middle Sound Loop Road, Wilmington.

Occurred July 21, 1999

If you have any information regarding these cases, please call us.


Intel detectives maintain intelligence files and coordinate with other law enforcement agencies to gather criminal intelligence.