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Domestic violence is a serious and unacceptable crime.  Physical violence and assault is a criminal offence and should be dealt with as such.  Other forms of domestic abuse such as emotional or psychological may also constitute a criminal offence.

In 1997, the New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office received federal grant money to fund a Domestic Violence Detectives position. That grant was only for two years and since then it has become a permanent position with the Sheriff’s Office. Domestic Violence is one of the most common of all crimes and battering is the single major cause of injury to women. The job of the Domestic Violence Detective is crucial in ending the cycle of violence through aggressive prosecution of the offender. The arresting office takes the responsibility for charging the suspect, which takes the heat off the victim. Since the Domestic Violence Detective is a specialized position he or she, can take more time with the victim and work towards the goal of getting a conviction in court. The New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office’s policy is to investigate each case of domestic violence regardless of the victim’s wishes or willingness to prosecute , but obviously a victim’s testimony is important to the case.