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The New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office Crimes Against Children (CAC) Unit investigates cases in which children have been made victims of often-heinous crimes.  These crimes include Sexual, Physical, Mental and Emotional abuse.  Unfortunately, our children are also the most vulnerable members of society.


The age of the child may vary but the emotional and often physical scars remain with these innocent victims for the remainder of their lives.  The Detectives who investigate these cases on a daily basis are dedicated to protecting and restoring the lives of the children affected, while trying to minimize the tragic impact it leaves behind.  Our children are our most valuable assets.  They represent this country’s bright future and we are dedicated to ensuring that these children are afforded every opportunity life has to offer them. 

The children are forensically interviewed in a child friendly environment.  The interviews are video recorded to aid in the prosecution of the offender.  After the interview, the child can select a teddy bear or blanket of choice, which is donated by the staff of “Project Linus”.  This blanket will be continuous comfort for the child and a reminder of the pleasant visit with the Investigator.

In some cases, a child medical examination is needed for victims of sexual or physical abuse.  Our Investigator makes CME referrals to the Carousel Center or WHAT Clinic, depending on the age of the child victim.

In most cases, the Investigator will suggest counseling for the child victim to ensure a healthy healing process.  Families are encouraged to attend and seek counseling if there is a need for additional support.

Our Division works closely with The Carousel Center, The WHAT Clinic, Rape Crisis, The Department of Social Services and The District Attorney's Office.

In all cases where the offender is a caretaker, then a Child Protective Services Report is made to The Department of Social Services. The Investigator and DSS will conduct joint interviews to lessen the trauma of multiple interviews of the child victim.  This resource is also utilized for the safety of the child victim.