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Unit #


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Unit 1

Sheriff Edward J. McMahon

Sheriff of New Hanover County


Vikki Ulrich

Administrative Assistant to the Sheriff

Unit 2

Chief Deputy R.L. Smith

Chief Deputy

Unit 3

Colonel S.A. Jones

Community Services & Vice & Narcotics

Unit 4

Major L.A. Ruefle

Detention & Support Services

Unit 5

Major D.T. Ward

Patrol Division & Detective Division




Unit 8

Captain M.J. Adams

Detention Division (Division Commander - Support)

Unit 9

Captain D.A. Ciamillo


Unit 10

Captain D.H. Taft

Vice & Narcotics (Division Commander)

Unit 11

Captain M.W. Vincent

Judicial Services (Division Commander)

Unit 12

Captain L.J. MacNeish

Detention Division (Division Commander - Security)

Unit 13

Captain C.A. Hayes 

Detective Division (Division Commander)

Unit 14

Captain K.W. Sarvis

Support Services (Division Commander)




Unit 16

Lieutenant D.H. Price

Patrol Division (Assistant Division Commander)

Unit 17

Lieutenant T.C. Robinson

Detention Division ( Assistant Division Commander)

Unit 18

Lieutenant B.D. Blackmon

Judicial Services (Assistant Division Commander)

Unit 19

Lieutenant W.E. Crowningshield

Detective Division (Assistant Division Commander)

Unit 20

Lieutenant S.D. Jones

Support Services Division (Assistant Division Commander)

Unit 21

Lieutenant C.L. Wilson

Vice & Narcotics (Assistant Division Commander)


Unit 22

Lieutenant M.D. Payne

Patrol Division (Marine Unit Commander)

Unit 23

Lieutenant E.W. Eason

Detective Division

Unit 24

Lieutenant R.J. Kennedy

Patrol Division (C & D Squad Watch Commander)

Unit 25

Lieutenant M.K. Wallace

Judicial Services Division

Unit 26

Lieutenant H.G. Adams

Patrol Division

Unit 27

Lieutenant G.D. Johnson

Detention Division (Transportation & Classification)

Unit 28

Lieutenant J.L. Simmons

Judicial Services Division

Unit 29

Lieutenant N.S. Frieslander

Patrol Division (SRO Unit Commander)

Unit 30

Lieutenant D.K. Biddle

Judicial Services Division (Bailiff Section Commander)

Unit 31

Lieutenant D.E. MacAlpine

Patrol Division (S.A.F.E. Unit Commander)

Unit 32

Lieutenant T.R. Karp

Detective Division (CSI Unit Commander)

Unit 33

Lieutenant R.K. Johnson

Detention Division

Unit 34

Lieutenant J.A. Hart

Support Services Division (Internal Affairs)

Unit 35

Lieutenant B.C. Evers

Support Services Division

Unit 36

Lieutenant R.M.Blake

Patrol Division (A & B Squad Watch Commander)

Unit 37

Lieutenant L.C. Robinson Detention Division

Unit 38

Lieutenant D. S. Haste

Detention Division

Unit 39

Lieutenant C. J. Barnhill

Patrol Division (Training Coordinator)

Unit 40

Lieutenant D. M. Warnick

Support Services Division

Unit 41

Lieutenant C. M Moore

Detention Division

Unit 42

Lieutenant T. L. Greger Vice & Narcotics