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Detention Officer 



March 1st to March 30th only

Non-Certified Only

Detention Facility Only

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3950 Juvenile Center Rd.

Castle Hayne, North Carolina 28429

(910) 798-4216 Office

(910) 798-4257 Fax

“An Equal Opportunity Employer”

The New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office is not accepting applications for full-time Detention Officers to fill current vacancies:  Working in the Detention Facility                                             

Deputy Salary:           $18.27 - $31.06 Hourly       $38,008.00 - $64,614.00 Annually

Detention Officer:     $16.57 - $28.18 Hourly        $34,474.00 - $58,606.00 Annually

Candidates must successfully complete a written examination, physical abilities test, structured interview, background investigation, polygraph examination, medical examination, and psychological evaluation

Applicant Selection Process

Click on link below:

 Applicant must download, fill out and submit the following forms:

ØApplication Form

Ø   ØAuthorization for Release of Personal Information (must be notarized)

Ø   ØEmployment Disqualifiers (must be notarized)

Ø   ØPhysical Ability Release Form

Once the Recruitment Unit receives your documentation, you will be scheduled for the following events:  The Recruitment Unit will not reschedule any cancellations.  The Recruitment Unit will schedule the applicant for all phases of the selection process.  

 Ø   Reading Comprehension assessment: 

Applicants must achieve a minimum score of 80 % to advance in selection process.

 Ø   Police Officer Physical Abilities Test (POPAT):  Applicant cannot participate in the physical ability test without a completed release form.

 Applicant must complete every event under 3 minutes.

 Applicant is seat-belted in the driver’s seat of a patrol vehicle with hands on steering wheel.  Then applicant is given two (2) street names. On instructor’s command “Go” the timed event begins.

1. Applicant removes seatbelt and exits the vehicle and runs 100 yards and returns 100 yards to the front passenger’s side door of vehicle.

2. Applicant opens the vehicle door, removes seat-belted passenger (150lbs) from vehicle and drags passenger 50 feet to staircase placing the subject on ground. (Body drag must be done walking backwards while grasping subject under both arms.)

3. Applicant will then go up and down a staircase 3 times, touching every step.

4. Applicant runs from staircase (25 feet) to a 50 pound weighted door. Applicant will pushes through the door using the entire side of body.

5. Once through the door, applicant will descend to the ground and perform 20 proper push-ups.

6.  Then applicant will then perform Twenty (20) proper Sit-ups.

7. Applicant runs back to the staircase, go up and down 3 times, touching every step.  

8. Applicant runs from staircase (25 feet) to a culvert and crawl through the culvert with a flashlight in hand.

9. Once out of the culvert, applicant will descend to the ground and perform 20 Proper push-ups

10. Then applicant will then perform Twenty (20) Proper sit-ups.

11. Applicant will then run 100 yards and return 100 yards to the passenger’s side of vehicle where a passenger is standing next to the vehicle.

12. Applicant will grasp and drag (150lbs) passenger 50 feet to staircase, placing passenger on ground.

13. Applicant must recite the two (2) street names provided at the beginning of the test precisely in the order they were given. Time will stop.

 Ø   In-depth background Investigation:

 Ø   Polygraph Examination:

 Ø   Structured Review Board:

 Ø   Psychological Evaluation:

 Ø   Medical Examination:

New Hanover  County Sheriff’ Office reserves the Right to modify the selection process at any time without prior notice.

Minimum Qualifications

Ø21 years of age at the time of employment.

Ø    ØValid North Carolina driver’s license with a satisfactory driving record.

Ø    ØHigh School Diploma or GED recognized by the North Carolina Board of Education

Ø    ØMust be a citizen of the United States 

Ø    ØHonorable Discharge from the Military

Ø    ØNo Felony conviction or any crime punishable by more than two years of imprisonment